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The MX-B467P desktop monochrome printer delivers crisp, high-quality output with exceptional ease of use. This compact printer provides customers with an intuitive user experience and the confidence of knowing their jobs will come out right the first time, every time. The MX-B467P is equipped with economical features that reduce energy consumption both while in use and during sleep mode. Offering versatile paper handling in a small design, the MX-B467P is the perfect solution for the workplace or home office.



Name Description  
MX-B467P Specification Sheet   Download
MX-B427PW | MX-B467P Feature Comparison Chart   Download
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MX-B467P Quick Reference Guide   Download
MX-B467P Safety Guide   Download
MX-B467P User Guide MX-B467P User Guide Download
Drivers and Utilities
Name Description  
Mac OS Driver Package Mac PPD 10.12 – 10.15 Download
Windows Software Option Package 32/64 Bit OS WHQL PCL, PS, Fax Driver, Network TWAIN Scanner Driver Download
Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 PCL6 XL driver for Universal Print from Microsoft / Full Feature Support WHQL Certified (Windows OS Only) Download
Linux Linux PPD Download
Mac OS Driver Package Drivers: PS Mac OS 10.15 -11.0 Download
Windows 64 Bit OS Driver Package WHQL PCL6/PS/PPD Print Driver Download
Energy Consumption
Name Description  
Sharp MFP and Printer Power Consumption   Download