MX-B427PW - Desktop | Platinum Copiers - Beaumont


The MX-B427PW desktop monochrome printer delivers crisp, high-quality output with exceptional ease of use. This ultra-compact printer provides customers with a simplified user experience and the confidence of knowing their jobs will come out right the first time, every time. The MX-B427PW is equipped with economical features that reduce energy consumption both while in use and during sleep mode. Offering wireless capability right out of the box, the MX-B427PW is the perfect solution for the workplace or home office.



Name Description  
MX-B427PW Specification Sheet   Download
MX-B427PW | MX-B467P Feature Comparison Chart   Download
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MX-B427PW Safety Guide   Download
MX-B427PW Quick Reference   Download
MX-B427PW User Guide   Download
Drivers and Utilities
Name Description  
Mac OS Driver Package Mac PPD 10.12 – 10.15 Download
Windows Software Option Package 32/64 Bit OS WHQL PCL, PS, Fax Driver, Network TWAIN Scanner Driver Download
Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 PCL6 XL driver for Universal Print from Microsoft / Full Feature Support WHQL Certified (Windows OS Only) Download
Linux Linux PPD Download
Mac OS Driver Package Drivers: PS Mac OS 10.15 -11.0 Download
Energy Consumption
Name Description  
Sharp MFP and Printer Power Consumption   Download