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Take Control of Print Costs

Maintaining and managing your printing and imaging can be costly, time-consuming, and frustrating. Free up resources and expenditures related to printing devices with our Managed Print Services. With a simple and secure download of Axess, we collect real-time data from your Sharp copier, uncovering ways to optimize and manage your print technology from an easy-to-use web interface

Auto Toner Fulfillment

The Axess system provides the complete and uncomplicated answer to the complicated and costly task of supply replenishment for your print devices. Through Axess’ Automated Toner Fulfillment (ATF) system, manually monitoring, ordering, and tracking toner levels and shipments are eliminated.
Axess’ intelligent software application collects supply levels and page counts from printing devices, and system algorithms analyze variables to determine when your toner needs replenishment. Supplies are automatically shipped when device reorder threshold is met. Additionally, ATF provides detailed communication when levels are low, and supplies are shipped.

Secure and Reliable

The Axess software program doesn’t collect any personal or user data. Only core metrics needed to maintain and manage your print assets are gathered, to provide you with the ultimate solution for managing your print needs. This secure software is HIPPA compliant, as well.

A Comprehensive Solution

Axess offers you a comprehensive solution that will bring your printing environment under control. Through our Managed Print Services, we provide powerful business intelligence, so you can take enhance and optimize your print environment. Contact us today to learn more about the business benefits of Axess Managed Print Services through Platinum Copier Solutions.

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