Zoom Meeting Etiquette: How to Conduct Yourself Via Zoom

With many people working remotely, video conferencing via Zoom has become the new normal, warranting Zoom meeting etiquette. In April 2020, when the coronavirus was at its peak, Zoom recorded 300 million meeting participants every day. That shows how video meetings have become indispensable today. It’s time to be serious about Zoom.

About 53 percent of American workers who currently work remotely would love to continue with the trend even after the pandemic. Since Zoom is one of the most vital video-conferencing tools, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the Zoom meeting etiquette rules.

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Here are some of the rules to observe during a virtual meeting via Zoom.

Top 3 Zoom Etiquette Rules

Avoid Tardiness

When you show up late for zoom meetings, you end up wasting the time of other people who joined the meeting at the right time. Attending the meeting early helps to build trust between colleagues. It also shows that you respect other people’s time.

For Zoom’s waiting room, the host can decide how long the participants must wait to join a meeting. To avoid such inconveniences, you need to set reminders for all the Zoom meetings you anticipate. If you’re the host, send direct links as soon as possible.

Mute Your Microphone

When attending a Zoom meeting from home, you are more likely to get distracted by the background noise. Such noises will even distract the meeting attendees. If you are not speaking at the moment, consider hitting the mute button until it’s time to talk.

The mute setting allows you to join meetings quietly without creating a sudden noise amid a meeting. No one has to listen to the sound that goes off when you pull a chair to have a seat. This way, no one will hear your dog barking in the background. 

Have Good Lighting 

Having a good lighting source during a Zoom meeting can improve your video quality significantly. If you want other people to see your beautiful face and lovely dress or shirt, consider adding a lamp nearby. That is if you are having the meeting in the evenings.

Remember that facial expressions communicate a lot during business meetings. Before you start the meeting, ensure that the light source is in front of you and not behind you. Otherwise, other people will struggle to see your face on their screens.

Make Business Meetings Pleasant 

Now that you know some of the Zoom meeting etiquette practices, you can confidently attend any video conference. Prepare adequately for the meeting by setting up your camera and a strong internet connection. Activate the screen-sharing functionality.

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