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Working from home has become the new normal, necessitating remote workers to have a home office checklist. The prolonged need for workers to practice social distancing to curb the spread of Covid-19 will most likely increase the number of employees working from home. How do you set up a home office? What kinds of equipment will you need?

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If you want to make your workspace better for productivity, you’ll need to add the right equipment to the office. For instance, you can beef up your WiFi connection and install the right hardware components when preparing to work from home. This checklist will help you avoid pitfalls experienced by most remote workers.

Here are all the critical components of a home office setup.

Office Hardware

You can make your home working environment more productive, secure, and healthy by installing the right equipment. Get a laptop or a desktop with a quality monitor display and place it a bit further away at an eye level. Also, get a wireless keyboard and mouse, high-speed internet, a surge protector, a file cabinet for important documents, and last but not least, a printer.


With the increasing cases of cyberattacks, it’s essential to protect your home network from such risks. You can use your company’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) to encrypt communications and avoid unauthorized individuals’ interception. Also, consider installing anti-spam and malware detection software for added security. 


You can keep in touch with your coworkers by installing the right collaboration tools in your home-based office. A simple video conferencing tool can be helpful, but you’ll need more holistic communication strategies. Software like Microsoft Teams can help you secure devices for calling, instant messaging, and scheduling a video call.


Your office décor and furniture can influence your comfort and productivity. That’s why you should get a comfortable chair with proper foot placement. The chair should also support your back properly to allow you to work for many hours. Personalize the office space to match your interests. For instance, you can apply your favorite paint color to bring your space to life.

Create Your Dream Office!

With this work-from-home checklist, you can create an office space that inspires you to get to work. Consider adding all the amenities that will improve your comfort and keep burnouts away. If you personalize the office, you’ll find it easy to accomplish your tasks.

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