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Printer cartridges dry without notice, leaving the printer owner to ask why printer cartridges dry out. This problem affects new and old printers and is caused by different reasons. Luckily, some causes are easy to rectify and won’t cost you money or the stress of buying a new printer.

Most cartridges dry because the owners don’t use them consistently. Some printers print once a year, and this can lead to the cartridges drying. Improper storage of ink cartridges is another reason for drying. Also, incorrectly refilling the cartridges could cause them to dry. 

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Reason 1: Using Cartridges Incorrectly

Inconsistent use of the printer can cause the cartridges to dry out. Although the ink cartridges can last for two years, you must frequently use your printer for them to be working.

Try printing every week. Even if you don’t have work to print, you can print random things on a piece of paper. It prevents the ink from settling at the bottom of the cartridge and drying. However, use the eco mode of the printer, so you don’t waste ink. 

Reason 2: Improper Storage

Most people buy extra ink cartridges for replacement. However, some don’t know the required conditions for storing cartridges, causing them to dry. Ensure you keep the cartridges in a dark place and at room temperature.

Too hot or too cold temperatures will cause your ink cartridges to dry or permanently get damaged. You should also avoid storing cartridges in areas directly hit by the sun. 

Reason 3: Incorrectly Refilling Cartridges 

Most printer owners want to refill their cartridges because of the appeal. However, they always get the refilling process wrong, hence dried ink cartridges. While refilling might seem simple, it needs to be done by an expert.

Incorrectly refilling your cartridges leads to air pockets, resulting in ink waste. You can alternatively purchase new cartridges or get remanufactured or compatible ones. Although this is not a solution to your drying ink, it will help you save money. 

Platinum Copiers Can Help

You probably have been wondering why do printer cartridges dry out. If you want to stop wasting money buying new cartridges every year, talk to Platinum Copiers. We have a team of experts that will listen to you and offer a solution. 

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