Your office printer has probably served you well for several years and produced excellent results. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. You might be considering whether your printer is old enough it needs a replacement. But how can you truly tell when it’s time to buy a new printer?

Regardless of the model of printer you have, you’ll begin to notice signs or patterns of behavior as your machine nears the end of its life. Whether the printer itself has problems or it simply can’t keep up with your growing business, it may be time to upgrade. See if any of these common signs sound familiar.

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Outdated Technology

Technological updates and upgrades are released to give users the best possible experience and features so your devices can continue working for you. If your printer is a few years behind, you may notice recurring issues cropping up as the technology ages. Upgrading to a new printer would remove these problems since the manufacturer tries to improve on their devices with each release.

Additionally, remember that some providers won’t offer support or repairs to machines that are too out of date. After a certain point, it’s not worth the expense of dealing with problems that a newer model eliminated entirely. Talk to your service provider to see where their cut-off point is and if it’s better for you to just upgrade.

Recurring Problems & Repairs

If you notice your printer seems to constantly run into problems or need repair work, take the time to figure out why. Is your printer simply outdated? Is a part of the machinery broken? On rare occasions, you may even find a manufacturer flaw. Whatever the cause, constant repairs or breaking indicates that your printer probably needs to be replaced. Professionals may be able to fix the problem, but don’t waste your time calling over the repair team for minor work every few days. At a certain point, it’s cheaper and simpler to replace the printer entirely.

Poor Print Jobs

No printer is perfect. However, if your printer repeatedly turns out lackluster print jobs even after you’ve replaced the cartridges and cleaned everything thoroughly, something else is wrong. Your printer may just be worn out. Don’t settle for unsatisfactory print jobs–upgrade and save yourself a headache.

Pro Tip: Can your printer handle the workload your workplace gives it? If your business is growing rapidly, make sure your technology grows with it so you can keep up with work.

When to Buy a New Printer

Why continue fighting with an outdated or dying printer when you can upgrade to a brand new one and get back to being productive? Browse our collection of Sharp copiers available for purchase or rent to keep your office moving forward. Don’t limit yourself to an old machine!

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