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Buying a Sharp copier brings with it the bonus of a wide range of support for your office device. But before you buy anything from Platinum Copier Solutions, it pays to know just what kind of support you can expect. How much help will you receive with any copier problems? Let’s take a look.

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Support Services by Platinum Copier Solutions

In an effort to provide customers with the best possible options for their office equipment, Platinum offers extensive services for installing, maintaining, and repairing copiers as needed. You can expect fast and expert assistance in any of the following categories:

  1. Moving & installation
  2. Tech support
  3. Maintenance

1) Moving & Installation

Platinum Copier Solutions offers full moving and installation services for every device you purchase from us. We’ll bring your new equipment to your office, set it up, and teach everyone how to begin using it immediately. Why wait? Let us help you get started using your equipment right after you buy it!

2) Tech Support

Don’t struggle to fix technical problems with your devices on your own! Choose between managed, virtual, and on-demand technical services to help you manage all your office equipment. We guarantee fast response times, professional customer service, a cost-effective solution customized to your needs, and reliability to support you. Have a problem? Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Pro Tip: How often do you use your Sharp printer or copier? How often do you encounter problems? Your answers to these questions will determine whether you can better use managed, virtual, or on-demand technical support.

3) Maintenance

We offer extensive maintenance plans to address any of your questions, concerns, or needs in a timely manner. With a professional team to work on your office copiers and printers, you have no need to worry about getting back to work quickly and avoiding expensive downtime. Submitting a support ticket is simple: just visit our services request page and get in touch!

Support for Your Machines

Ultimately, our goal is to create dedicated customers and fans by providing extensive and reliable services at any time, for any problem. Interested in a new copier or machine for your business? Let us help you find the perfect model and keep it running for years to come!

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