What Are Managed Print Services? | Platinum Copiers, Beaumont TX

Managed print services are among the latest trends in the printing industry, but before investing in the program, you may wonder, “What are managed print services?” This print solution can meet your company’s needs and improve productivity without going over budget.

If your business performs a lot of printing work but lacks a reliable infrastructure to do the job, you can outsource the print solutions from a managed print service (MPS) provider. Since an MPS provider offers many print-related activities, hiring them can help to improve productivity and lower production costs.

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Managed Print Services Definition

MPS is a printing program where print service providers offer print-related services to businesses at a fee. They handle the printing work and manage printing devices, such as printers, copiers, scanners, and printer fax. The print service providers can oversee your company’s document output environment under a contract.

Pros of Managed Print Services 

Many businesses are beginning to understand the relevance of managed print services, and that’s why we witness a sharp increase in MPS reliance. Many companies opt for an MPS to boost productivity, reduce risks, and enhance efficiency.

Here are the other benefits of managed print services.

  • Provides predictability by allowing you to consolidate the costs and plan early
  • Reduces the need for local printers, which can be costly to operate
  • Improves productivity by producing large print volumes within a short duration
  • Minimizes printing workload on your in-house team

How They Work

Managed print services are a streamlined process where print-related activities get outsourced to external service providers with experience in handling the services. This helps to reduce the capital expenditure on printing, saving money for other projects. The print service provider can sign three to five-year contracts for print service delivery.

Platinum Copiers Can Help

Now that you know what managed print services are, consider hiring a reliable managed print service provider to complement your existing printing equipment. Thankfully, Platinum Copiers can help you with that.

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