Wellness and Work-Life Balance: Why is it Important

The pandemic introduced a new normal that changed the business world’s approach to wellness and work-life balance. Most companies encourage their employees to work from home. While that is great, it does blur the lines between work-life and home-life. For that reason, remote workers need to practice work-life balance. Let’s find out why wellness and work-life balance is crucial.

While work gives many people a sense of self-worth, we need a healthy work-life balance. Most people who work from home use their free time to do more work, increasing stress levels. Giving employees more flexible schedules enables them to spend time with loved ones. This encourages a better work-life balance. 

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A Healthy Work-Life Balance is Essential for Mental Health

Companies are out to make profits, and most of them overwhelm their employees with a lot of work. Study shows that employees who worked longer hours were less productive. These individuals suffer fatigue and mental illness, increasing depression. Exposing employees to toxic work environments may end up causing suicidal thoughts.

Wellness Programs Increase Employee Engagement

When working from home, employees barely talk to anyone, which makes them feel lonely and isolated. Wellness programs such as workshops, social events, and team challenges can cheer up the employees.

Employee engagement, in turn, helps workers maintain their loyalty to the employer and be more open to employee assistance. A happy and motivated employee can meet job satisfaction which leads to more profits for the company.  

Work-Life Balance Reduces Stress Levels

An employee with a healthy work-life balance finds time for their family, friends, and physical health. Spending some time away from work helps the mind relax, reducing the chances of stress and protecting them from anxiety and depression.

Companies should take better care of their employees’ health if they want them to be more productive. Employees should also create a thick line between work and personal time and not use free time to reply to emails and do more work. 

Prioritize Your Health

Being self-employed means your salary depends a lot on how much work you do. Since people want to maximize their income, it is easy to overlook wellness and work balance. Spending too much time working does not equate to productivity. Taking work breaks is essential for mental and physical health.

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