Ways to Use Professional Displays to Enhance Your Message | Platinum Copiers - Beaumont

The days of traditional banners and signage are coming to an end.  As our culture becomes more digitally focused than ever, industry must keep up.  Customers want to interact and be entertained by advertising. Tell the story of your business through high-impact visual messaging.

Professional Displays

Digital media can improve flexibility, provide increased personalization and set your business apart.  One of the key advantages of digital signage is the flexibility of the content management system. You have total control of content and can update from anywhere at any time.  It’s perfect for whatever industry you’re in.

Storefront Signage

Outdoor and window communication requires stronger, more versatile signage. Displays should feature high brightness, toughness in extreme conditions and simplified content sharing. People love seeing, interacting, and experiencing things. Customers are more likely to be drawn to something interactive than to something static.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays are designed for smooth and effortless communication. Whether in the office or the classroom, interactive displays are changing the way we communicate. These are beneficial for training sessions, brainstorming, and education.  The Sharp Aquos Board is an excellent example of an interactive display.

Video Wall

Although not a novelty to this day and age, video walls are still amazing sights and catch everyone who spots them. A video wall consists of multiple monitors arranged together to create one large screen. This has several benefits. For a start, the resolution and quality are greatly enhanced. More importantly, its reach and engagement power is incomparable.


For restaurants, menu boards are a cost-effective solution for keeping prices, products, and promotions up-to-date. They enable restaurants to incorporate high def video into their menu display. You can instantly update content for last-minute product changes, and make changes to prices for single or multiple locations. From fine dining to fast food, a digital menu board system can be customized to reflect tastes and demographics. It also allows businesses to maintain branding consistency across many locations.

Stretch Displays

For communication in small, narrow spaces like store shelves, ceilings, and hallways, stretch displays provide a big impact. This can be something as simple as a display on the ceiling of your dental office, providing additional advertising and entertainment to patients.

A Good Investment

Incorporating digital elements into your broader marketing strategy will position you as a market leader. Investing in professional displays eliminates printing, transport and labor costs of traditional signage. They offer so much more than just a message – they invite people into an experience. Contact Us for customized digital solutions today.