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Growing businesses rarely start out in the office size they’ll ultimately need. As time passes and you accumulate more equipment, furniture, and employees, you’ll notice your office space feeling smaller and smaller. But don’t shell out money for an upgrade or massive renovations just yet! Try these strategies to make the best use of the space you do have first.

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Maximize Office Space

A small office space doesn’t have to feel small. With some strategic reorganization and usage of what space you do have, you can give yourself and your business as a whole a comfortable workspace. Here’s what to keep in mind as you plan your office layout:

  1. Remove unused or bulky furniture
  2. Encourage telecommuting
  3. Rethink your decorative choices
  4. Don’t overstock on appliances
  5. Establish different “spaces”

1) Remove Unused or Bulky Furniture

Is that oversized desk just collecting dust? Worse, are you trying to fit circular desks in a small room instead of more efficient shapes that allow for better space management? Replace it or get rid of it altogether. If it’s not being used, it’s just a waste of space that could be better filled with much-needed supplies or even left alone for an open feel.

2) Encourage Telecommuting

An office may feel crowded if it’s constantly full of busy employees. But not everyone needs to be at work every day. Why not allow and encourage telecommuting? Your employees will love the chance to work from home, and everyone will love the feeling of a more open office environment with fewer people filling it every day.

3) Rethink Your Decorative Choices

The brighter a room, the bigger it seems. With this in mind, avoid using too many dark-colored accessories or wall paint in your office space. Additionally, make sure you have plenty of bright lights to keep everything illuminated. This encourages an open, familiar atmosphere in your office.

4) Don’t Overstock on Appliances

Too many bulky appliances fill up empty space quickly and make your office look cluttered. Try getting rid of outdated or unused technology. Better yet, see if you can buy new tech that combines the functions of multiple appliances to retain all the work you can do, but avoid using the additional space.

Pro Tip: If your fax machine, printer, and copier are taking up too much room in your office, try combining the functions of all three with a space-saving multifunction printer!

5) Establish Different “Spaces”

In a small office space, putting in walls or room dividers will only make the area feel smaller. Yet you and your employees will appreciate the subtle division into different desk areas and work zones. You can accomplish this feeling by setting up short cubicle-like walls around desks to separate coworkers just enough to avoid distractions without completely blocking off parts of your room. This can also help establish distinct work and break zones for different times in the workday.

Make the Most of Your Office Space

Your business doesn’t have to break the budget and upgrade to a bigger office just yet. Redecorate a little, move some furniture around, and replace unnecessary and bulky items with more compact ones to maximize your office space. Your employees will appreciate the improvement!

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