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In today’s modern workplace, the right solutions can streamline workflow and maximize efficiency. The smartest processes are those that use automation to eliminate guesswork and ensure that business runs smoothly. Platinum Copier’s Managed Print Services do just that.

Benefits to You

No matter what business you’re in, the right industry solution can make a huge impact. When it comes to managed print services, the biggest benefit is the automation. This virtually no-maintenance process gives you back the time you’d previously spent comparing toner prices, requesting repairs or troubleshooting errors.

Axess Auto Toner Fulfillment

Have you ever tried to print something only to find that the machine is out of toner? This creates a delay in workflow, and if you don’t have backup toner, you often end up spending more to expedite shipping. With Axess Toner Fulfillment (ATF) software, supplies are ordered automatically when your device is low. Constant printer monitoring notifies you when supplies have been ordered. You’ll also get alerts when maintenance is required.

OEM Alternative

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) printer cartridges have long been touted as the best solution for your printer. However, if you look beyond the hype, you’ll find that this clever marketing ploy is categorically false. Platinum Copier cartridges manufactured by CIG are the smarter and more cost-efficient alternative to OEM cartridges.

Proven Value

Managing print services can be costly, frustrating and without constant oversight, can cause delays. With managed print services from Platinum Copier Solutions, automation and analytics combine to take the guesswork out of printing.

Streamlined Services for an Efficient Print Environment

Combining all your print devices under the umbrella of managed print services streamlines the entire process. All your devices are stored in the Axess software by serial and model numbers.  Information and analytics are available at the touch of a button, so you’re always informed about your print environment.

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