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Offices in any field require dependable, fast-working equipment in order to function correctly. Government offices are certainly no exception! Regardless of what type of work your office handles every day, reliable government office equipment and appliances are essential to a healthy workflow.

One excellent choice for a busy government office is a multifunction printer. This machine combines the functionality of several different typical office appliances, allowing you to purchase and maintain a single device instead of an entire small room of machines. Here’s what a brand new multifunction printer could do to give your government office a boost.

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Advantages of a Multifunction Printer

Streamline a Government Office with the Right Equipment, Platinum Copier Solutions, Houston

Our multifunction printer offers several features and advantages to streamline your busy office. Here are just a few things these machines can do:

  • Scan materials and convert them to popular file formats without the need for third-party software.
  • Facilitate collaboration with coworkers via cloud sharing and storage.
  • Erase all sensitive data after use.
  • Print from tablets and smartphones using Sharpdesk Mobile.

Pro Tip: A Sharp multifunction printer is designed to make your workday easier! How can these functions improve your workflow?

Program Compatibility

We know different workplaces will use different programs and software to get the job done. That’s why our multifunction printers are specially designed to be compatible with a wide range of popular office programs. Whether your office prefers OneDrive, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, or some other system, our printers can work with it! Your employees can even follow a bring-your-own-device system if they so choose without worrying about their devices being compatible. No matter your office’s needs, we’ve got you covered.

Case Study

For an example of our printers in action, consider the Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) in Miami Beach, Florida. The department was running on outdated printing equipment which hindered everyone’s ability to respond to certain situations with the necessary speed. After the introduction of Sharp multifunction printers, the department experienced a noticeable increase in workday efficiency and visual communications. The printers’ wide range of compatibility also helped to lower wait times for office workers. And this was in a busy police environment! Imagine what these devices could do in a more conventional office.

Give Your Government Office an Advantage

Reliable government office equipment is an integral asset to your workday. Take the time to assess if the equipment you’re currently using is offering the amount of functionality and productivity that you need. If not, why not upgrade to something better?

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