Small Sharp Office Printers For Small Businesses

There are plenty of small SHARP office printers in the market to use in your business. As a top brand, SHARP has the leading variety of multifunctional printers in the market. The SHARP printers are known for being versatile, powerful, and of high quality. 

What are some good small sharp office printers for a small business? 

SHARP printers come with a multifunction design for all situations and business sizes. As a result, they pack high speeds into compact and ergonomic cases, making them easier to fit into smaller office spaces.

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Here are some of the best SHARP office printers for small businesses.

  1. SHARP MX-C250
  2. SHARP MX-300W
  3. SHARP MX-301W
  4. SHARP MX-300P

1) SHARP MX-C250

The SHARP MX-C250 is a 4-in-1 color printer that provides various productive features. It is ideal for small businesses that require a cabinet-top or desktop MFP. In addition, the printer’s powerful fax, scan, copy, and print abilities make it a perfect daily print work handler.

The MX-C250 sharp printer comes with an incredible output speed of up to 25 ppm in both black and white and color. It also produces high-quality 600×600 business documents. You can also access complete networking standard scanning to email.

2) SHARP MX-300W

Designed with minimal power consumption and a short warm-up time, the SHARP MX-300W makes the best printer choice for your office. Interestingly, you can connect the printer to a wireless network and print without using a cable from your tablet or smartphone. In addition, the printer’s design makes it fit into any small space.

The sharp MX-300W printer output speed goes up to 30 ppm in both color and black and white. Also, its LCD control panels are easy to read and can produce high-quality documents in 600 x 600 dots per inch (dpi).

3) SHARP MX-301W

Run your business smoothly with the compact MX-C301W printer and experience powerful features and connectivity to cloud and mobile apps. The printer’s 600 x 600 dpi printing combined with SHARP’s mico-fine toner technology offers a crisp image output. 

Also, the MX-301W seven-inch high-resolution touch screen printer provides easy-to-access vital features. The machine’s improved security features with SSL support, 256-bit data encryption, and close to seven times data intellectual property is well protected.

4) SHARP MX-300P

The latest MX-C300p A4 color network printer boasts a compact design and power to bring productivity to your office. The machine can print at 30 pages per minute speed, whether working with colored or black and white documents.

The MX-C300p comes with an easy-to-read LCD control panel with programmable function keys. Additionally, the sleek and stylish printer standard wireless LAN functionality lets you connect easily through wireless networks.

Explore More Multifunction Printers with Platinum Copiers

You will never want more with small sharp office printers in your office. The impressive range of photocopiers performs better than other printers in the market. Also, SHARP devices come with multiple abilities and numerous features to make your printing easier.

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