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Every business owner wants to do their part in reducing waste and bettering the environment. Better yet, some environmentally-friendly business methods even cost less than their conventional counterparts. But with so many options of what to do and not a lot of information on how to actually implement those strategies, what can you actually do? Fortunately, with a little planning, it’s easy to help your company go green.

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Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Business owners interested in environmentally-friendly practices and materials can find their expenses reduced as well in time. While there are plenty of excellent ways to reduce your business’s environmental impact, a small business owner or someone just making the switch will likely prefer these simpler strategies to get the ball rolling:

  1. Switch your light bulbs
  2. Reduce your paper usage
  3. Use recycled paper products
  4. Use better office equipment

1) Switch Your Light Bulbs

Try using environmentally-friendly light bulbs instead of the standard bulbs you probably have right now. While these bulbs may cost more upfront, they’re also designed to last much longer and consume much less electricity. (See here for a detailed cost comparison.) You’ll save money on your energy bills without sacrificing good lighting for your business!

2) Reduce Your Paper Usage

How many things do you really need to print? Keep an eye on how much paper your business uses to reduce the amount of waste you produce and the amount of power your printers consume. Of course, this strategy also has the added bonus of costing you less in electricity, ink cartridges, and more.

Pro Tip: Managed print services are an excellent way to reduce your paper usage. The service will make sure you don’t accidentally print too many documents, alert you when your machines need attention, and more.

3) Use Recycled Paper Products

Even if you can’t significantly reduce your paper usage, you can still turn this part of your business green by using paper made from recycled materials. This relatively inexpensive option allows you to encourage environmentally friendly practices in your own business and in the way you spend your money. Best of all, your customers will appreciate the effort you put into providing your business with a green option!

4) Use Better Office Equipment

The three biggest consumers of electricity in the average American office are the HVAC system, lighting, and computers and office machines. You can reduce your HVAC bill easily enough by shopping for different providers, and as discussed above, you can replace lightbulbs for a more energy-efficient option. However, office machines like copiers and computers get less attention when it comes to saving electricity. The older the model, the less likely they are to be as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as a brand new one. If you notice that your energy bills are still spiking even after taking steps to reduce electricity consumption, one of your machines may be the culprit.

Additionally, remember to switch your office equipment all the way off when it’s not in use. Printers continue consuming power even in standby and can be costing you money even as they sit in your empty office overnight.

Attract Eco-Conscious Clients

More and more potential clients and customers are seeking out businesses with an environmentally-friendly focus with whom to do business. By making a few small changes to your normal routine, not only will you reduce your upfront costs, but you’ll also attract more customers who support the same cause you do. Show your customer base that you care about the environment as you help your business go green!

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