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Teachers rely on technology for everything from taking attendance to giving presentations. Consequently, any teacher will agree that a modern classroom needs the most advanced, most reliable technology on the market for a truly harmonious school day.

Some classrooms require more specialized technology than their counterparts, but there are certain pieces of office furniture and equipment that just about any subject will find useful. What kind of equipment do you use and what do you wish you had? See if any of these tried-and-true appliances would work in your classroom.

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Sharp AQUOS Board

Make lectures and presentations easier than ever with the Sharp AQUOS Board! This state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard allows you to share your screen with students as necessary and have multiple people writing on the whiteboard simultaneously. These whiteboards are available in screens up to 80”, making them the ideal choice for larger classrooms. The Sharp AQUOS Board will take your teaching job to the next level!

Pro Tip: If your students present an assignment in class, the AQUOS Board is the perfect piece of equipment to use! Its simple interface means teenaged or young adult students can easily pick up on how it works.

Multifunction Printer

Any teacher prints a lot of classroom material every day, ranging from notes to further homework assignments. Why wait for your office printer to boot up and use simplistic software to save your files on your computer? Try using a multifunction printer for all your educational printing needs instead. With a system designed to run as quickly and efficiently as possible, you’ll notice a difference in time saved immediately. Better yet, there’s no need to go through third-party software to save your scans–a Sharp printer can convert your documents into PDFs or save them in OneDrive, Google Drive, or elsewhere immediately after the scan job is complete. 

Reliable Software

Faxing may seem like an outdated method of communication, but many offices still use it. Your school may be one of them. Why not give your fax system a modern edge with a fax-by-email system like eGoldFax? This software is fully compatible with multifunction printers, allowing you to send and receive electronic faxes easily without setting up a separate fax line. Your fellow teachers will appreciate the speed and convenience this setup offers.

An Upgraded Classroom

Why force yourself or your students to rely on outdated, less-than-reliable hardware? Upgrade to newer machinery and see the difference in both speed and work quality. Enjoy your new education office equipment!

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