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No office can afford to fight with clunky equipment or slow progression on a daily basis, and nowhere is this truer than in a corporate office environment. Corporate offices absolutely rely on functioning machinery and high productivity to get things done and keep the offices that rely on them running.

In a corporate setting, speed and efficiency are everything. Equipment and machinery to further both goals are thus mandatory. If your corporate office needs a boost to get back on track and increase productivity, here are a few crucial pieces of equipment to consider.

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Multifunction Printer

Every office needs a printer. Problems start to surface, however, if that same office also needs a fax machine and photocopier. Every machine takes up space and consumes time and resources. That’s why the best offices make the switch to a truly modern solution: a multifunction printer, which combines the functions of all three machines into a single unit. Our line of Sharp multifunction printers also comes equipped with plenty of bonus features: a sensor to boot up the machine as someone approaches, a simple touchscreen interface, and more! How would a faster, more efficient machine benefit your office?


For an office where daily presentations take place, you can’t do much better than the AQUOS Board. This advanced interactive whiteboard provides a bright, colorful display perfect for any meeting room as well as allowing multiple users to participate in the presentation simultaneously. Take your office presentations and meetings to the next level!


If you’ve already switched to multifunction printers or are considering doing so, you might be wondering about how the fax function works. Sharp machines use a cloud faxing service called eGoldFax, a system that allows you to send or receive faxes via email rather than through a physical fax line. This eliminates the need for additional hardware and makes faxing a much easier process. As long as the recipient has a multifunction printer too, faxing them is a breeze!

Pro Tip: eGoldFax, our cloud faxing service, is ideal for businesses of any size! Just replace your typical fax system with something that works better.

A Productive Corporate Office

Don’t let outdated or problematic machinery keep your office running behind! Update to the best solutions on the market and get back to being productive. Your office deserves the best.

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