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Businesses rely on technology for just about every function. As computers continue to improve, the technology available to your company increases in functionality, quality, and overall lifespan. But not all computers are created equal. Find the most reliable computers and equipment for your company’s needs.

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Technology that a Business Can Count On

Not all office machines are created equal. When shopping for office technology, you want to find what works best for your essential duties. When considering a new printer, display board, or other devices, research their reliability and security ratings. Some of the most reliable models on the market include:

  1. Aquos Board
  2. Multifunction printer
  3. Managed Print Services

1) Aquos Board

An upgrade over the traditional interactive whiteboard, an Aquos Board allows multiple people to write on the board at the same time. Wireless connections and communications also allow for faster responses and easy presentations for meetings of any type. The massive screen displays vivid colors in high-definition. Without a doubt, the Aquos Board is an essential addition to any classroom or office.

2) Multifunction Printer

A multifunction printer incorporates the capacities of a fax machine, photocopier, scanner, and more to create an all-in-one office machine. This device eliminates the need to maintain and store multiple machines in the office, in addition to offering security for every document. You can rest assured knowing that a multifunction printer will remain secure and properly functioning for a long time.

3) Managed Print Services

Most industries could benefit greatly from outsourcing their printing management. This service takes the burden of copier maintenance off your company, allowing you to spend more time and energy focused on high-priority work. The remote-based system collects printer data to monitor ink levels and necessary repairs, but don’t worry–your clients’ information remains confidential.

Pro Tip: Managed print services will sometimes include cloud storage and access as well! Talk to your provider to see what cloud services they offer.

Determining What Your Company Needs

Before you make your final decision on which computers or services to use, examine your company’s productivity levels. How much time and money is spent on repairing old machines? What work can be outsourced to cut costs? You and your employees can pinpoint your company’s biggest needs and how best to address them through reliable technology.

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