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When handling sensitive communication or information, there is little room for mistakes. Errors or breaches could prove devastating to your reputation and business. Not following proper privacy regulations can land you with fines and penalties. In this age of instant sharing, it takes vigilance to protect what is shared! Sensitive communication often passes through office printers, meaning that all devices must be protected. Click To Tweet

Defining Critical Communication

In general, critical communications are regulated, customized or personalized documents that include personal or sensitive data or information. This information must be more carefully handled than other correspondences, but many businesses either don’t understand the danger or believe they’re doing enough. Communications can also be inadvertently shared over printers and other devices that often aren’t monitored as carefully as office computers. Here are some painless ways to protect these sensitive documents:


Eliminating human error is a huge factor in protecting critical communications. Workflow automation can get things done fast and more efficiently while providing a level of protection that people often cannot. From producing to mailing, automation can safely streamline the process.


With optional protections such as barcode scanners, you can track every document from start to finish. With our tracking and compliance capabilities, you and your customers can feel confident that each one is managed accurately.


If your business is unable to differentiate between sensitive and non-sensitive information, securing critical data will be impossible. A codified and uniform data policy will outline which types of data are considered sensitive, and define a strict process for identifying, handling and securing different these types of communication.

Safe & Secure

It’s hard to protect sensitive data when it’s always on the move, being accessed by various people and applications. Protecting information as it moves between hands and through email systems requires your organization to encrypt its data, and protect the information itself, as well as securing its environment.

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