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Churches are not exactly businesses, and most church administrators would much rather spend time with the people they serve than dealing with office busywork. But there’s still plenty that needs to happen behind the scenes for a church to run properly. Members need printed bulletins, pictures, posters, and more. Church office staff definitely have their work cut out for them.

Fortunately, by making strategic choices in the equipment and services your church office uses, you can cut down on common busywork and streamline the workday. When was the last time your church office upgraded for better time management? Here are a few ideas to get your workday and church functions back on track.

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Multifunction Printer

A multifunction printer is a valuable addition to any office. With its proven speed, versatility, and built-in security measures, these devices are guaranteed to help your office run faster and more efficiently. Get in touch with our team to find the right model for your church office!

Managed Print Services

Churches print a significant number of documents every week. Don’t let your necessary print jobs come to a halt because of faulty equipment or empty ink cartridges! With managed print services, we’ll handle all the busywork and oversee your printing needs to ensure everything gets printed on time and in high quality. This service will free up valuable time at your church office.

Pro Tip: One of a church office’s most valuable assets is time. By choosing the right office equipment and managing your workload effectively, you can make the most of your dedicated work time.

eGold Fax

Faxing is still an important part of many offices. If your church office uses fax machines, why not give yourselves an upgrade? EGold Fax allows you to send and receive faxes via email, using your multifunction printer as both the scanner and printer for your messages. You’ll never have to set up a dedicated fax machine or line–just connect your printer and you’re good to go!

Streamline Your Church Office

Churches have plenty of activities and events going on at any one time. Weekly services and group meetings take up plenty of time and effort, not to mention special events. And each of those events depends on behind-the-scenes office work and reliable equipment to happen on time and without any problems. With the right printer and support services for your church office, your schedule will be back on track.

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