Printer Security: Ways You Can Be Vulnerable | Platinum Copiers

While most businesses focus on securing their IT systems, they tend to forget printer security. Unfortunately, data breaches often occur in unsecured printers. This results in unauthorized access to sensitive information. By protecting your printers against such issues, you prevent your printer from becoming vulnerable to malware attacks.

Using wireless printers, you should be concerned about printer security. While these printers offer several advantages, they can be more vulnerable to cyber attacks when unsecured. So, any network-connected printer requires security features that protect it from hacking or infection by malware.

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Here are the things that can make your printer more vulnerable.

Not Updating Your Password

Using your printer’s default password is risky, as cyber attackers can easily access your printer information and infiltrate your security system. They can launch unauthorized printing remotely. However, regularly changing your printer’s password protects it from unauthorized access. Also, set strong passwords that the hackers can’t quickly guess.

Having an Unsecure Printer

While most businesses invest in encryption to secure their networks and computers, printers seem neglected. Unfortunately, unsecured printers can result in loss of resources and provide a gateway for cybercriminals and hackers. In that case, you should encrypt your wireless printer to secure it. That way, no hackers will access it.

Not Updating Your Firmware

Since hackers devise new techniques to steal sensitive data from organizations, printer manufacturers also put out updates to combat the latest cyber threats. So, you need to keep your firmware updated to secure your systems. Failure to update your firmware exposes your printer to security risks. Thankfully, updating the firmware is super easy.

Protect Your Company With Platinum Copiers

Investing in network printer security can help to keep your business secure, especially if you own office printers. Ensure that you have a strong password and update your firmware frequently. The good news is that Platinum Copiers can provide you with the latest printer technology, which helps protect you from attacks. 

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