New Sharp Models Now Support Pantone® Color Matching | Platinum Copiers - Beaumont

When it comes to color, especially in the workplace, accuracy is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, what you see–and spend hours working on–through your computer’s monitor, usually won’t be quite the same color when it’s printed out on paper. If you’re printing a business letter to a colleague, this may not be fundamentally important, but if you’re in a field that requires precise clarity, color precision is a necessary component of successfully doing your job.

With the Pantone® matching system, you can rest assured that the shades you see on your computer screen exactly match the colors printed out when your creation comes to life on paper.

The Most Widely Used Color Matching System

There are other color matching systems used by copiers and printers, however, Pantone® is the most widely used and It’s compatible with Sharp devices. Its reliable color matching technology will give you peace of mind knowing every product will turn out vibrant and accurate.

Pantone® Is Coming to Sharp

Sharp is introducing the Pantone® color matching system on ten new Sharp multifunctional printers (MFP) models. In the past, some Sharp copiers were not compatible with Pantone® coloring, forcing users to either use no color matching system or to use a less reliable alternative.

Using Pantone® color matching will ensure that you get the correct color, every time, and now the majority of the Sharp copier line is compatible!

Platinum Copier Solutions: Reliable Copier Support

If you need Sharp copier support for the Pantone® color matching system or for any other office system needs contact Platinum Copier Solutions. Our expert team of technicians can meet you on location or provide remote assistance for your current Sharp machine. Or, if you’re in need of a new copier, a live staff member from our Houston office can help you find the perfect fit for your business.