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The age-old advice about keeping your room clean still holds true in an office. Disorganization in the workplace can lead to decreased productivity as employees have to hunt for the supplies they need, not to mention the mental strain that can come with working in a messy space. And of course, if productivity suffers, so does the business.

Orderly and neat office space will pave the way for increased productivity and less time wastage in your business. Even a little effort to clean up can go a long way. Fortunately, organizing your office is a simple affair with the right plan. Let’s take a look at how to transform your cluttered workspace into a professional, streamlined office.

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Declutter Your Office Space

Does your office have items you haven’t used for two years? If yes, it’s the best time to get rid of them to create more workspace. Try to gather up broken or severely outdated supplies as well. You can either donate, recycle, or throw away these unusable items. Don’t feel obligated to hold onto something you neither need nor use–get it out of your way.

Pro Tip: Decluttering your office will not only clean up the space but also improve work quality, enhance efficiency, and improve your health and productivity.

Sort & Streamline Existing Supplies

After decluttering the office, sort the remaining supplies to ensure that everything is in its rightful place. Group the items in categories based on their frequency of usage. For instance, you can place the most frequently used supplies on the shelf at an arm’s reach for quick access. Paper and printer accessories can take the bottom drawer. Meanwhile, pens and notepads can sit on your desk while staplers can stay by the printer. Make everything conveniently available when and where you need it.

Create a Strategy for New Supplies

How do you know it’s time to order new office supplies? By creating an inventory and updating it regularly to track the usage of supplies. The checklist will let you know what’s running out and which employee needs them the most. This way, you’ll never run out of anything and always be aware of how much you have to work with.

Manage Office Supplies Like a Pro

Creating a well-organized working space will boost your employees’ productivity. Between decluttering, organizing, and maintaining an inventory, you can keep track of all your supplies and make sure everyone has exactly what they need for a productive workday.

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