Multifunction Printers VS Standard Printers: What's the Difference?

Choosing between a multifunction printer vs standard printer depends on the purpose of the copier machine. If you plan to replace the old copier in your office, you must decide whether to stick with a standard printer or upgrade to a multifunction printer. While some people use the terms interchangeably, standard and multifunction printers are different.

Standard and multifunctional printers are essential devices in a busy office. They both use a toner and can print papers faster. However, standard printers can only print or photocopy documents, while multifunction printers can perform several tasks. In other words, the latter has more functionalities than a standard printer.

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Now, let’s look at the capabilities of multifunction and standard printers in printing.

What Does a Standard Printer Do?

A standard printer can only print or photocopy documents. Unlike more versatile printers, the devices can sometimes print large volumes of printing jobs. If you make thousands of duplicate copies daily or weekly, a standard copier can be a suitable device for the operations. The good news is that these devices print faster than multifunction printers.

Multifunction Printer Specs

If you get the chance to purchase a single device that performs various tasks, you won’t hesitate to buy it. This kind of printer combines several features and capabilities in a single unit. The copier can copy, print, fax, scan, and email documents, making it the best printer for multitasking. You can connect the multifunction device to a network to take full advantage of all its features.

Which One is Right For Your Office?

Now that you understand how multifunction and standard printers differ, you need to consider your needs to find what suits you best. If you need a device with printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities, choose a multifunction printer over the standard version. However, pick a standard printer if you produce thousands of duplicate copies weekly.

Pick What is Right For You

The capabilities of these two types of printers vary significantly. Standard or single-function printers can only produce copies, while a multifunction printer is ideal for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. All you have to do is evaluate the purpose of the printer to help you make informed decisions. Choose a printer that produces high-quality documents, whether single-function or multifunction printers.

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