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Is it time for a new office printer? Maybe your old one died and you need a replacement quickly, or maybe you just want to try a few different models till you find your new favorite. In either case, you’re probably wondering whether to buy a new one outright or take advantage of many dealers’ leasing programs.

Buying a new printer is not always superior to leasing one, but may be the better option in some cases. It all depends on what your business needs and whether this new printer can get you back in shape. Here are a few pros and cons of buying or leasing a printer and how they could apply to you.

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Leasing a Printer: Pros & Cons

Leasing your office printer ensures that you won’t pay for most standard maintenance or repairs. Your provider will generally take care of any such expenses. Additionally, you never have to worry about having the latest and greatest in office technology! Leasing a printer allows you to easily switch out your current model for a newer one. Finally, paying a monthly rental fee rather than a large lump sum allows you to balance your expenses better, especially for a small business that may not be able to afford the upfront purchase fee.

Of course, leasing isn’t a perfect option. While spreading out the monthly payments saves you money in the short term, over time, you’ll likely end up paying more than the purchase price of the printer. This is the main disadvantage of leasing. However, if you’re willing to keep experimenting with new printer models and want to forgo maintenance costs, the slightly more expensive option of leasing may be right for you.

Buying a Printer: Pros & Cons

The best part of outright purchasing a printer is being more in control. You own the printer! You can choose how long to keep it, who to call for repairs, and when to upgrade. You aren’t locked into following someone else’s maintenance schedule or preferences.

But buying isn’t a perfect choice either. Small businesses can’t always afford the upfront lump sum of buying a brand new machine, in addition to ongoing maintenance and repair costs. Ownership implies responsibility, after all. It’s worth running the numbers with your team to see if you can afford to simply purchase a printer rather than lease one.

Pro Tip: For most businesses, the cost of buying a new printer is tax-deductible! That can help you recoup some of the extra costs involved in purchasing rather than leasing.

Making the Decision

At the end of the day, your office probably needs a new printer. And whether you purchase or lease a Sharp model from Platinum Copier Solutions, you can be confident you’re getting the best technology and support you can find.

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