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If you own a small business, print advertising could be one of the best ways to market or build your brand. But with the burgeoning field of digital marketing, you may wonder if print advertising is still relevant. After all, how many people still pay attention to printed ads?

How can print advertising help a small business grow? Does anyone still read the yellow pages and magazines? These are some of the questions that many small business owners might ask when figuring out if print advertising is an effective marketing strategy. You may be surprised to know that print advertising is still a remarkably effective way to reach an audience. Let’s find out why.

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Why Your Small Business Needs Print Advertising

Print advertising is a marketing strategy that uses physically printed media to reach and mobilize the target audience. It can be through magazines or newspapers, depending on the readers’ preferences. Print media tend to stick to the readers’ memory for a long time.

A study by MarketingSherpa reveals that print advertising is among the most trustworthy marketing strategies. About 82 percent of end consumers trust the print ads in magazines and newspapers. Additionally, making online ads is very easy and accessible to anyone–especially scammers. Customers understand that printed ads tend to be vetted by others and thus are more likely to trust print media than a sidebar ad on a website.

Proven Strategies for Print Marketing Campaigns

If print advertising is the best fit for your small business, you need to implement specific strategies to help it grow fast. Here are a few proven strategies for print marketing:

  • Plan Ahead: You should plan early for your print marketing campaigns to be successful. Talk to your ad agency in advance to give them ample time to design the print. It will also allow the publisher to find a slot for your advert.
  • Avoid Too Much Text: When designing a print ad, avoid putting too much information. Use compelling visuals and memorable wording that communicate a lot about your brand.
  • Include Essential Items: Your business’ logo, name, and a CTA are some of the things that must appear in your print ad. That will help the target audience know your business. Notably, the CTA should redirect readers to your website.
  • Track the Performance: Like any other form of marketing, print advertising also requires you to track the print marketing campaign’s effectiveness. You can add a few digital aspects like QR codes to simplify the tracking process. 

Know Your Audience

Before you launch the print marketing campaigns for your business, you need to find out if the information can reach the target audience. For instance, print ads will work more effectively for readers in rural setups than in urban areas with high internet speed. Focus on regions and groups that regularly consume printed media.

You should also ensure that the print ads are relevant to the target readers. For example, if your business targets parents, you should publish your ads in parenting magazines. Know what your audience reads and place your ads there.

Take Advantage of Printed Advertising

Small business print advertising is still a relevant marketing medium that small business owners need to embrace. A print marketing campaign will also help you reach the target customers in your location and may even expand your horizons.

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