Is It Time To Buy a New Printer? | Platinum Copiers, Beaumont TX

Printers are among the busiest tools in offices, but you may be unsure when to buy a new printer. The truth is that a time will come when sticking to your old inkjet or laser printer won’t be worth it. You will have to buy a new printer. Let’s talk about how to tell when it’s time to buy a new printer. 

The big question is how will you know it’s the right time to buy a new printer for your office? If your printer’s efficiency and print speeds start to reduce, you need to worry about your productivity. Most people will opt for quick printer repairs, which may sometimes not resolve their printer issues. So, what must you do?

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The following signs indicate you need a new office or home printer in your home office. 

Sign 1: The Tech is Old

As printing technologies evolve, older printers are becoming obsolete. It becomes more challenging when the older printers break down, and you must look for spare parts to do the repairs. Repairing older printers can be very costly because you’ll also have to pay labor costs. It will be cheaper to buy a new printer than repair an outdated one.

Sign 2: Your Old Printer is Underperforming 

If a printer no longer fulfills your printing needs due to underperformance, think of buying a new printer. Watch for signs like low printer speeds, which can occur when using an older printer. Your printer can also underperform when its ink cartridge gets defective. Buy a new printer if you change the toner cartridges but fail to get results.

Sign 3: It is Broken

If a printer breaks and malfunctions, you’ll have no choice but replace it with a new one. While some printer problems are easy to fix, some will require you to install new parts. Some of the signs that indicate that one of your printer parts is broken are clicking and grinding sounds. You may also experience several print malfunctions during printing.

Platinum Copiers Can Help

If your printer keeps breaking down or malfunctioning during printing, you need to buy a new printer. Too many printer repairs may not help as you will spend much money you would have used to purchase a new printer. You must ensure that all your printer parts are working, including the paper tray. Thankfully, Platinum Copiers can help with that.

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