Introducing Skywell: Water From Air | Platinum Copiers - Beaumont

How long have you been paying for water delivery service for your office? Have you ever seen a break room crowded with water jugs and wondered if there’s a better way?  With Skywell ‘s revolutionary water production system, all you need to make crisp, clean air water is the Skywell machine and a standard electrical outlet. Sharp’s family of high-quality copiers is proud to add this amazing technology to its lineup.

How It Works

Simply plug it in and Skywell does the rest. It takes in ambient air, and through condensation collects moisture, then thoroughly filters it to remove impurities. Clean, fresh water is then dispensed.  It’s quite literally air water!

Eco Advantages

Americans use an average of 29 billion bottles of water a year. Most of these end up in landfills and oceans, causing significant damage to the environment. Using innovative, environmentally responsible technology like Skywell is the first step towards positive change.

A Healthier Alternative

Even water filtered water plant can carry harmful chemicals, parasites, and pathogens. Chemical runoff from sewage waste, industrial dumping, and contaminated groundwater can all make their way into your home or office.

Maximized Efficiency

Skywell is completely virtually no-maintenance. The app tracks water use and monitors the environmental impact you’re making by forgoing plastic water bottles. Various models of the Skywell can make between 5 and 100 gallons of water in a day.

Skywell: Innovation That Works

With no delivery trucks, plastic bottles or chemicals, Skywell provides refreshingly clean water with almost no carbon footprint.  With its sleek design and low profile, it’s the modern replacement for your outdated water cooler. Platinum Copier Solutions has always provided the highest quality office products, and we’re proud to offer Skywell to our loyal customers. 

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