Introducing Our New Line of High-Quality Screens

Are you looking for a new display screen for your office? Platinum Copiers is proud to announce the new line of SHARP 4K Ultra-HD professional LCD monitors. Let’s take a look at the features of these professional-grade monitors. 

SHARP’s new line of HD professional monitors comes in three different sizes. the PN-HC and PN-HE professional displays are available in three different screen sizes: 65″ Class (64 ½” diagonal), T5″ Class (74 ½” diagonal), and the PN-HC series are also available in an 86″ Class (85 9/16″ diagonal). These top-of-the-line screens are built for presentations with their vivid, 4K high definition, built-in media player, and flexible installation.

We are happy to introduce our newest line of high-quality display screens. Learn the features of these new displays in our most recent blog post! Click To Tweet

4K High Definition

One of the biggest new features we have improved on in this new line is the 4K high definition screens. These screens are even brighter than before, designed to work in any possible office environment. Whether the lighting in your space is full of natural sunlight or dim, this display will stay bright and unobstructed, displaying accurate colors and high image quality.

Built-in Media Player

In addition to the 4K HD screens, we added a built-in media player. Now because of the built-in media player, users don’t need to employ the use of a PC to use these monitors. This feature allows users to simply plug into a USB to play still images and presentations. 

Flexible Installation

These screens can be installed on any display you choose. Both the PN-HC and PN-HE Series support landscape/portrait /tilt-forward/tilt-backward installation. This flexibility allows users to set up any display they choose. 

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We are very excited about these new screens. If you are interested in one of these monitors, visit one of our locations or contact us to learn more!