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Providing medical services of any kind is a busy, hectic, and rewarding job. It requires mountains of paperwork, equipment and tool maintenance, and a tremendous heart for people. You are governed by regulations, medical standards, and ethics. You need office solutions that make your job easier, more efficient, and more effective. Nowhere is this more critical than with document management.

Office Solutions for Healthcare Document Management

Healthcare professionals create, manage, and store vast amounts of confidential documents and sensitive patient information. This data is essential to providing the best care possible. It raises significant security and privacy concerns for your patients. Consider the following 5 benefits of using Sharp’s healthcare workflow solutions:

1) Document management integration

You can scan documents and records directly into popular document management systems. Sharp’s intelligent routing along with the Sharp Partner Program member applications make it easy to access and maintain all clinical documents and patient records.

2) Better document security

Implement access control and other confidential printing features to tighten document security in your facilities. Sensitive print jobs are held in the copier until an authorized user is authenticated.

3) Secure mobile access

Have the convenience of secure printing from your mobile device of choice. Empower your practice with Bring Your Own Device initiatives coupled with access controls and user authentication. Sharp products support popular mobile applications, platforms, and operating systems.

4) Regulatory compliance

Sharp’s enhanced security features not only protect your confidential information, but also meet regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry such as HIPAA. Also, when it’s time to trade-in a machine, Sharp’s End-of-Lease feature will erase all data and personal information from the machine. Have peace of mind knowing your document management and printing remain compliant with much less hassle.

5) Better efficiency

Sharp’s print management solutions for healthcare providers will accommodate all sizes. Copiers are designed to lower printing costs and improve workflow efficiencies while maintaining the highest security standards and regulatory compliance.

A Healthcare Office Solution You Can Trust

Improve your workflow efficiency and security with Sharp’s print management solutions for healthcare providers. You work hard to provide the absolute best care for your patients. Let Sharp’s office solutions for healthcare facilities enable you to do your job even better.

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