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Working within the government may come with perks, but it also comes with mountains of paperwork. Fortunately, advances in Multifunctional copiers (MFCs) and printers are creating a more organized and efficient workflow for many industries, government included. With modern document management systems, printers are now capable of automating many things that had to be done manually in the past. This allows you to focus more of your daily time on more pressing tasks.

Make Life Easier with Office Solutions for Government Institutions

The Sharp Advanced Series color workgroup is specifically designed to allow government entities to capitalize on new office technologies. They will reinvent the way documents flow throughout your organization and create a more efficient and more productive workflow. Consider the following 5 advantages a modern MFC can bring to your office.

1) Enhanced Security

Comprehensive security built into the printer is an added step to ensuring that sensitive information is safe from theft. Sharp’s MFC solutions are equipped with multilevel security measures, built with security in mind, not just as a second thought.

2) Flexible Mobile Printing

Sharp’s advanced series MFCs feature secure Sharpdesk Mobile solutions for printing from anywhere in the office. This allows for secure, easy printing from tablets and smartphones throughout the office providing significant gains in efficiency.

3) Lower Cost and Organize Accounting

Operating with print management software allows you to, manage user access for security, enable confidential printing, and enables integration with popular cost accounting systems.

4) Tailored to Suit Your Needs

Maximizing a new system for better workflow efficiency doesn’t mean that you have to learn an entirely new user interface. Sharp’s advanced series workgroup allows for integration with other enterprise document management systems that allow you to deploy and work with the software that you’re already used to.

5) Seamless Collaboration

Collaborating with others in the office is essentially a game changer in terms of workflow efficiency. Now office workflow is done from the MFC itself, saving valuable resources and energy that otherwise would have been devoted to transferring, and uploading documents.

Keeping it Efficient and Secure

The Sharp Advanced series represents a new generation of office solutions for government work that’s making a significant impact on efficiency, organization, and cost. For government agencies embracing new technologies, Sharp’s MFCs bring advancements that ensure IT security while meeting strict regulatory guidelines.

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