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Education is one of the most rewarding and challenging professions. You’re in the business of changing lives and equipping minds for a better future. The time you spend with each student is the most important time of each day. Office solutions that make your job easier and help you maximize your time are invaluable. Multifunctional copiers and printers (MFCs) are a must-have for educators who want to focus most of their attention on what’s most important: transforming lives.

Document Management Office Solutions for Educators

Keeping creative energy flowing is crucial for teachers, so dependable technology is essential. With Sharp’s Advanced Series color workgroup, educators can rest assured that their most important work won’t be hindered by obstacles. Sharp MFCs come packed with modern software that provides simple ways to print jobs, as well as improving productivity and reducing cost. Consider the following 5 advantages of using Sharp’s Advanced Series color workgroup document systems:

1) Automated Grading  

With the Sharp Advanced Series, you can automate the tedious task of manually grading tests and spend more time on other tasks that maximize student growth. You will also be able to conduct in depth analysis with powerful reports such as test statistics, student review, item analysis and other valuable features.  

2) Efficient Accounting System

In addition to cost cutting, a centrally managed printing strategy can also improve overall efficiency. For example, accounting management with the Sharp Advanced Series means that student expenses can be charged to their accounts based on their login credentials. Student data can also be accessed and printed from any device on campus.

3) Enhanced Mobility

Teachers and students can take advantage of secure printing from their device of choice. This mobile printing functionality allows complete adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and 1:1 learning initiatives. Additionally, with all the standard cloud connect features, document sharing is made easy by integration with popular services such as Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint online and Google Drive.

4) Integrated Learning Management Services

You can integrate popular learning management systems such as Blackboard Learn to provide a seamless experience while scanning and submitting documents. With software like this, teachers and students alike are saving the most valuable resource of all; time.

5) Tailored to Suit Your Needs

With an emphasis on customization, Sharp’s Advanced Series color workgroup allows you to adjust the large 10.1″ display in order to set up the best workflow. Keep the functions you use most within quick reach and optimize the system to best serve your needs.

Let’s Keep Educators Doing What They Do Best

By utilizing a system that is secure, reliable, efficient, and updated, educators are able to maximize efficiency and spend more time in the classroom where they can make the most impact on the growth of their students. When combined with other Sharp office solutions for educators, such as the interactive Aquos Board, educators can focus most of their time and energy on shaping the young minds of tomorrow.

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