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Every business should recognize the importance of office equipment and high-quality, reliable machines in the work environment. As technology improves, the business world has to rush to keep up and stay ahead of the competition. Fortunately, modern technology in the form of excellent office products can help any industry stay on top of everyday work.

Platinum Copier Solutions offers plenty of services, office machines, and equipment to fulfill any need from printing solutions to a new fax machine. See if anything in our selection of modern office equipment can help your business save labor and money.

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Print Management Services

For an office that prints or handles massive stacks of paperwork every day, a print management service can be a lifesaver! Your printer support team will keep track of your print jobs for you and help your office avoid common problems. Print management can streamline different work functions for you:

  • Preventing accidental duplicate print jobs
  • Replacing ink or paper
  • Data protection (fully HIPPA compliant for medical offices)
  • Remote print monitoring

Multifunction Printers and Color Copiers

Multifunction printers combine the work of several typical office machines, including a fax machine and copier, into a single unit. These remarkably useful machines are available from both Sharp and Lexmark, both of whom also provide support services and print management. Both providers offer high-quality machines to help your office manage the constant stream of documents to be printed.

Sharp Aquos Board

Does your office regularly perform presentations? Why not ditch the projector for an Aquos Board instead? This upgraded interactive whiteboard allows multiple people to write on it simultaneously and provides all the same visibility as a typical projector. This cutting edge device is sure to impress!

Pro Tip: The Sharp Aquos Board allows you to make notes and edits to your presentation immediately!

Copier Support

Of course, any copier or multifunction printer needs technical support and maintenance from time to time. Platinum Copier Solutions offers comprehensive support for copiers, including:


Several Sharp printers and scan-to-email multifunction printers come with eGoldFax, a cloud service to streamline faxes. Advantages of this service include:

  • Send and receive faxes without a fax line
  • Send and receive faxes through email
  • Data protection and security
  • Unlimited users

For more information on electronic faxing services, check out eGoldFax’s detailed list of what they have to offer.

The Importance of Office Equipment

High-quality office equipment and reliable support services can make a huge difference in your office’s volume of work and the quality of results. With the proper equipment, your office will function more efficiently and be more productive in a day.

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