How to Keep Colors Consistent Across Print Jobs | Platinum Copiers - Beaumont

On the surface, slightly differing colors between print jobs may not seem like the end of the world. While it’s certainly not an emergency situation, varying colors can damage your product’s professional image. These issues can make your documents look sloppy and inconsistent, creating a less than ideal reading experience afterward.

Maintaining print color consistency shows due diligence given to even the smallest parts of your workday and presents a professional image to clients. Fortunately, compared to other types of printer maintenance, color consistency is relatively easy to ensure and maintain for the long term. These 3 methods will help you with color matching across all your print jobs.

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Use the Same Paper

The paper you use for print jobs can have a significant influence on their final appearance. With a wide variety of different weights, finishes, and compositions, even standardizing your ink cartridges won’t make a difference if your paper is too different. Find the ideal style and brand of paper and stick with it across every printer in your workplace.

Use the Same Ink Brand in Every Machine

Just like paper, ink brands have subtle differences that influence your final print jobs rather significantly. Whether it’s different colors, inconsistent finishes, or more, too many different types of ink can affect your color uniformity. Maintain color consistency by choosing and sticking with a particular brand or style of ink for each machine.

Recalibrate Your Printer

Sometimes color errors occur even when the ink and paper are perfect. If this keeps happening, the problem likely lies within your printing device. Run a recalibration to force your printer to reset and realign the cartridges. More than likely, this will fix your problem. If it doesn’t, there may be something more severe going on and it’s time to call a professional.

Pro Tip: Recalibrate your printers every so often as a preventive measure to keep everything working and ensure your print colors stay consistent.

Present a Professional Image

A client who receives a printed document with noticeably different shades or intensity of color will probably be confused at best and slightly put off at worst. Meanwhile, giving that same client a professionally prepared document will inspire confidence in your business. Maintain a high standard of print color consistency and give your clients the well-prepared print jobs they deserve.

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