How to Fix Paper Jams and What Causes Them?

No matter how good your printer is, at one point, you will need to fix paper jams eventually. Knowing how to solve the issue will save you time, especially when working on tight deadlines and suddenly experiencing a paper jam. It may be very frustrating if you are unaware of the simple tips. Thankfully, this guide will show you how to fix paper jams.

A paper jam can be frustrating when you’re in the middle of printing a large volume of work. However, you can ease the frustration when you know how to fix the problem. To get your business back to producing efficiently, you should know what causes the paper jam and the tips needed to fix the problem effectively.

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Damaged Parts

The continuous usage of printers without proper service maintenance can lead to damaged rollers or other machine parts. The rollers are the ones that allow the movements of the paper in the input tray.

Failure to remove the stuck paper can cause more damage to the rollers and other parts of the machine leading to paper jams. Also, the rollers can wear and tear if used beyond their ability and with poor maintenance.

Another way to avoid paper jams is by confirming the paper weight and size the machine can support to prevent damage before you start printing.

Incorrect Use

The number one cause of paper jams is loading papers incorrectly. When you load the print papers wrongly on the tray, sheets can stick together and get pulled into the printer, causing a paper jam. Also, overloading the paper tray can lead to a paper jam.

The best way to prevent a paper jam is to load the correct number of sheets in the paper trays. Then, ensure the print papers are well-arranged in the tray before printing. Finally, remove any folded or frayed sheets from the tray.

Incompatible Paper

Using low-quality print papers on advanced printers doesn’t make sense, as it can result in a paper jam. Besides, the sheets can shred and create flakes, leaving bits of paper that may accumulate in the printer. So, consider the compatibility of papers with your printer.

Please don’t use papers that are not compatible with your printer. Instead, check the manufacturer’s manual to see the recommended paper quality. Ensure the printer supports the paper sizes and weights before putting it on the tray for printing.

Get Your Printer From Platinum

The best way to fix paper jams is by repairing minor damages on the printer and using the printer correctly, as recommended by the manufacturer. You should also use print papers that are compatible with your printer. Most importantly, use a high-quality printer from a reputable company like Platinum Copiers.

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