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The appeal of hands-free copying extends beyond health concerns. Voice recognition and mobile compatibility make using the office copier faster and simpler than ever before. Just integrate the programs into the technology you already have!

Is your office ready for hands-free technology? You probably already have some! Here’s how to use it for hands-free printing and scanning on the office copier. #PlatinumCopiers #mfp Click To Tweet

MFP Voice Control

You’re already halfway to voice-controlled printing if your office has an Alexa unit! New Sharp multifunction printers use Alexa’s voice detection to listen to your requests and print whatever you need. Ask about the MFP Voice User Guide to set up this system.

Synappx Go!

You carry a highly advanced computer everywhere you go–your smartphone! And it’s easy to set up your phone to make your job easier. Using the Synappx Go app, send commands to your office’s multifunction printer for fast, easy print jobs. The app will show you how to get everything set up and connected to your printer with no advanced training required!

Pro Tip: The mobile printing app Synappx Go is now compatible with Google Suite! Print a Google Docs or Slides file in the blink of an eye.

Automated & Remote Printing

Automated printing allows you to create pending print jobs that you don’t immediately need. Whether the documents have to be approved or you’re just waiting for a better time, the system will keep those documents ready. When it’s time to print, just hit the button to release the scheduled print jobs!

Remote print control is a little different than just sending the document from your mobile device to the printer. Sharp machines take things a step further and allow you to replicate a multifunction printer’s control panel on your own device! You’ll have access to all the same features the printer itself would give you. But this way, you don’t have to stand over the printer or even be in the same room–just use your virtual controls!

Incorporating Hands-Free Technology into Your Office

As more people work from home and the need for efficient work increases, hands-free technology is more important now than ever. Upgrade your office with specialized programs to make remote work and quick printing super easy!

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