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Many modern businesses have at least a few remote employees. Working remotely has been shown to increase productivity, reduce stress and is more cost-effective than working from an office. It’s also a great way to tap into highly qualified candidates who may require a non-traditional work schedule. If you’re considering shifting to a partial or fully remote workforce, keep in mind that the role of communication will be crucial. Click To Tweet

Communication is Key in a Remote Business

Recent strides in digital technology have facilitated an increasingly mobile workforce. But while the term brings to mind autonomous employees each doing their own things, a successful remote business should provide frequent engagement. Consider morning meetings, wherein all employees, regardless of whether they were onsite or conferencing in, can connect, discuss the day’s goals and ask for help when they need it.

Provide a Home Base

While most employees are able to work from home, it’s wise to have a “home base” for yourself and new employees.  Ideally, new remote employees should spend a couple weeks working from the office while completing the onboarding process. This allows them to get to know coworkers, and better understand the company culture. Whether or not you choose to do onboarding in-person, your business will require a physical address and certain important elements. Employees should have access to a high-quality copier, meet with clients, and store data.  

Hire Tech-Savvy Employees

Remote employees spend the majority of their time working on computers and other devices. It’s crucial that they understand how to use software and integrated programs as efficiently as possible. The last thing you need is for your remote employees to constantly be tying up your IT with simple problems or questions.

Emphasize Accountability

The key to hiring the right people is to find people who prioritize well and organize efficiently.  As the head of your business, it’s up to you to set the example for your employees. Don’t allow things to fall through the cracks, and make sure you emphasize personal accountability and transparency.

Smart Tech

Communication, especially at the beginning of employment, should be near-constant. At least until everyone is comfortable and a level of trust has been established. This provides regular feedback regarding business technology and workflow processes. Arm your remote workers with the right tools, like video and teleconferencing and interactive display systems.

A Successful Team

A remote workforce may not look like others, but they are shown to be more productive and efficient than traditional work settings. Utilizing tools like video conferencing and screen sharing can make remote workers feel included and will help ensure that everyone is on the same page. This goes a long way in reducing feelings of disengagement and boosting teamwork.

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