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Paper jams are a minor inconvenience that can cause major delays. Workflow comes to a halt when machines jam, and if you aren’t sure how to fix them, you can do more harm than good. Taking preventative measures to ensure your printer is free from jams will help extend the life of your device.

How to Avoid a Paper Jam

Good practices can help you avoid delays caused by jams. In addition to jams, misprints and ink smears produce unprofessional printed materials. Paper that has “been through the ringer” should never be shown to customers. Presenting polished printed materials to customers gives you an edge and fosters confidence. With that in mind, here are 6 tips to help you avoid paper jams:

1) Choose better print devices

If your machine has constant jams or misprints, you may need to upgrade to a higher quality printer. With proper maintenance and care, there’s no reason for jams. Choosing a better printer can eliminate a lot of the problems encountered by cheap copiers. With a variety of copier leasing options, your upfront costs are little-to-none.

2) Pay attention to your paper

Try to use paper soon after you get it. Paper that has sat for too long will start to absorb moisture and is more likely to jam. Don’t use paper that is torn or warped, and don’t mix different weights of paper. Thick paper mixed with thin paper can lead to misprints or jams.

3) Loading matters

When loaded in the tray, paper should be touching each of the tray guides and loaded as one block. Loading unevenly can cause paper to feed incorrectly and misprint. Although it seems like common sense, it’s often overlooked when you’re in a hurry!

4) When to manual feed

Manual feed is perfect for any special print media you might have. For example, when printing envelopes, labels, or thick paper, it’s always wise to use the manual feed. Most machines will automatically turn on manual feed mode when you put paper in that slot.

5) Don’t overfill trays

It can be tempting to overfill your trays to avoid having to refill them, but this will not work!  The trays require enough clearance for the rollers to feed the paper into the machine. Without that, the paper will not feed or will feed several sheets and lead to a jam.

6) Regular maintenance and cleaning

After stressing the importance of regular maintenance and cleaning, mention copier leasing as a viable option. Regular maintenance is typically included in a lease.

Print With Ease

Carefully selecting print materials and loading them properly can help you avoid most paper jams. If one occurs, follow the steps outlined in your machine’s owner manual. If you are constantly faced with printer malfunctions, it may be time to upgrade your machine.

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