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It’s nearly summer! As this school year comes to a close, many educators are probably already thinking about what they need for the fall 2019 semester. From basic classroom supplies to technology, the list never ends. What’s on the agenda for your class?

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A Modern Classroom

As technology evolves, so do its numerous applications in different business fields. Educators can find particular value in computers and systems designed to work well as classroom equipment. A few particularly useful examples include:

  1. Aquos Board
  2. Multifunction printer
  3. Managed print services

1) Aquos Board

An Aquos Board is an upgrade of your typical interactive whiteboard. The device can connect to multiple computers, allow multiple people to write on it simultaneously, and easily send materials to a printer. Best of all, its display can be up to 80” across in vibrant color, providing the perfect way to display lessons even in a huge classroom. The Aquos Board is a must-have for teachers in a technology-driven class!

Pro Tip: Older students giving presentations in class will particularly like the Aquos Board. Once you’re comfortable using it, give your students a demonstration so they can take advantage of it too!

2) Multifunction Printer

Does your class require a lot of printed material or papers? A multifunction printer might be a good choice for you. This machine gives you all the functionality of a printer, copier, and more right in your classroom! Students with technology trouble can just print their assignments in class for you.

3) Managed Print Services

As a teacher, you probably have to print a lot of class materials every day. Lesson plans, quizzes, homework, and more need to be handed out constantly. Fortunately, a print management service can help you keep up with the constant flow of required print jobs. Your printing service will make sure your materials print quickly and on the highest quality printer paper available. Never worry about running out of ink or paper for class work again! Just send your documents off and wrap up your class plans.

Finding the Best Technology for You

Every classroom is different, so every teacher’s job is slightly different. You know better than anyone else what your class needs and how technology can help you out. No matter your ultimate choice, up-to-date technology and computers can only make your teaching career easier.

Looking for more ideas on classroom equipment? Connect with us to see what choices other educators went with.