Does Your Business Need a New Copier Provider? | Platinum Copiers - Beaumont

As a business owner, you constantly have decisions to make and work to do. Not only will your actions on either front impact you, but they’ll also influence your employees’ time and the amount of work they perform. And if your workplace relies on quality printers and copiers as many do, one of the most important decisions you could make is choosing a reliable copier provider.

If you suspect you may have chosen the wrong copier provider for your business’s needs, you’re not alone. Depending on your exact problem with your current provider, you may need to switch to another entirely. Consider a few key points before you make your final decision.

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Print Management Services Offered

It’s one thing to know your copier provider sells machines. But can you rely on them to maintain those machines, help you move and install them, and keep track of the ink levels? Managed print services can benefit your business in all these ways and more, keeping your workday on track and your budget steady. Any copier provider that doesn’t provide these services won’t be of much help to you after your purchase.

Pro Tip: Print management services are a valuable addition to your workplace. Your copier provider will keep all your machines in working order so you can focus on more important tasks!

Training for Printer Usage

Multifunction printers and other complex modern office equipment require some training to understand. While a user’s manual and internet tutorials are valuable resources, there’s no substitute for expert guidance. Did your copier provider walk you through using each machine after it was installed? If not, you may be dealing with someone who’s just after your business’s money rather than helping you actually use the product they sold you.

Submitting Support Tickets

From time to time, your printer will require repairs or routine maintenance. How do you submit a support ticket to your copier provider? Can you expect a fast response? The more complex or impersonal the process is and the longer you have to wait, the more wasted time and money you have to deal with at your business. Find a copier provider that offers live customer support and will respond to your requests quickly. (Platinum Copier Solutions is proud to boast an average of less than 4 hours wait time for customers who need assistance!)

Choosing a New Provider

If your current copier services provider doesn’t measure up, why not shop around for a new one? Find a provider that will give you the dedicated attention and help your business requires. Don’t settle for anything less!

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