Do You Still Need An Office Printer? | Platinum Copiers

There is no doubt that many businesses want to go paperless, and you’re no exception, but do you still need an office printer? The truth is that you need a printer, even if you’ve gone paperless. Nothing is wrong with paperless document management. In fact, it’s an excellent way to store documents online, but that doesn’t stop you from using a printer.

Paperless document management is excellent as it protects the environment. You can also share and edit your documents online without scanning them yourself. However, going completely paperless may not be as helpful as hyped. Hard copies and office printers are still essential in businesses in this digital age.

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Here are why you still need an office printer in a big or small business.

Not Everyone is Paperless

Your office might have gone paperless, but that doesn’t mean all your customers or other businesses are sailing in the same boat with you. Perhaps your business structure is different from other businesses, so eliminating office printers may not work for them. Consider investing in multifunctional printers to favor all your customers.

Hard Copies of Documents Can Survive 

When your computers crash before you back up your documents, the chances are high that you’ll lose them permanently. This may halt your operations. But if you keep hard copies of important documents, they will survive. Such files could be accounting documents, company policies, and employee information. Therefore, you need a printer.

You Will Need a Hard Copy Eventually

Even if your office goes paperless, you’ll still need paper documents at some point. For example, you may want to produce brochures during marketing to give potential clients a tangible feeling of what you offer. Hard copy papers can complement your digital marketing efforts to increase sales, so consider investing in reliable office printers.

Platinum Copiers Can Set You Up

Do you still need an office printer? The straightforward answer is “yes.” You can use the printer to produce and back up important documents in your business. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve kept your digital documents in cloud storage centers or not. Thankfully, Platinum Copiers provide cost-effective managed printing services for big print volumes.

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