Creative Ways to Maximize Office Space | Platinum Copiers - Beaumont

If you have a small or growing business, there may be times when you’re rapidly outgrowing your office space but can’t upgrade just yet. Before you move furniture around or tear out walls, start small.

Smart Ways to Maximize Office Space

Sort items you don’t need anymore, and either get rid of them or put them into storage. When searching for space to store items, think outside the box. If your office has high ceilings, could you install vertical shelving? An awkward nook can easily have a door added and suddenly you have an extra storage closet! The key to maximizing office space is to ensure that no space is wasted. Click To Tweet

Encourage Remote Working

Treating your office as a home base, rather than a 9-5 workspace can give you a little elbow room. Using this model, employees with the ability to primarily work from home are given that freedom. This requires strong communication skills and access to some form of cloud computing to share documents, work status updates and reports.


With the right multifunction printer, you shouldn’t need multiple machines to print, fax, scan, or email documents. Modern MFPs really do it all. With newer, sleek designs and a larger capacity, they can do more and take up less room. With touchscreen displays and remote printing capabilities, the right MFP can be a huge time (and space) saver.

Rethink the Conference Room

Many office conference rooms are underutilized. Are people regularly gathering in the conference room, and if so, are they using the maximum amount of space? If not, you may want to reconfigure the room or repurpose it altogether.

Effective Space Planning

Effective space planning consists of various zones to help mitigate noise, foot traffic and smells (the break room kitchen, for example). Take note of the flow of your office, taking into account areas of high and low activity. Brainstorm ways to improve these areas or rearrange your office for maximum efficiency.

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