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When your business needs a new or updated copier, you have to make the somewhat daunting task of whether to lease or purchase an office device system. For some companies, a copier purchase makes the most sense; but for others, leasing a machine ends up being a more financially-savvy option. Every business, no matter the size or industry, has different needs, and only you–as an owner or key manager–know the specific needs and budgeting ins and outs of your company.

Copier Purchase & Lease Options

When making a decision on how to pay for a copier, consider these options before settling on a purchase – or signing a lease.

Pros & Cons To Leasing a Copier


Years ago, a copier primarily had one function – to provide facsimiles of documents. In this day and age, however, a copier can do so much more. It’s a printer, fax machine, scanner, and in some instances, such as Sharp copiers, provide much more up-to-date technology.

A primary reason that many companies decide to lease a copier is to stay current with technology. So long as there is a provision in your contract that provides for an upgrade, companies that are very technology-based have a tendency to lean toward leasing. Also, for some smaller businesses, there’s no room in the budget for a capital expenditure like a copier. Similarly to balancing your own budget at home, sometimes it’s better to lease (or put it on credit). Also, in many leasing contracts, Sharp copier support or support for other copiers is part of the contract. This cuts down on any and all maintenance fees you may incur with owning a copier.


There are several reasons that leasing may not be a viable option. If it’s a lease-to-own program, chances are, you’ll end up paying more for the copier than if you simply bought it outright. A lease will usually charge some type of interest, and this is combined as well with a higher price tag for the copier itself. Also, some contracts don’t provide for upgrades. Similarly to your own mobile phone contract, you may have to keep the copier for length of the lease until the contract is up. For these reasons, copier leasing is not for everyone.

Copier Purchase Benefits & Drawbacks


If you’re leaning toward buying instead of leasing, there are a few reasons that buying may work better for you. Making a large capital purchase, such as a copier, affords you a tax deduction. With a lease, this isn’t possible. Also, while you will have to pay out of pocket for maintenance costs since you’re not under contract, you get to choose your own maintenance company and technicians, and you’re not locked into someone else’s maintenance schedule. You get to make your own decisions when it comes to your copier. Buying your own copier comes with less red tape – it’s often a more simple option.


The primary drawback to buying a copier outright is the cost. For the type of machine needed for corporate solutions, the expense might be too much for small- or medium-sized businesses to bear. It also may tough for a business just starting out. For this reason, leasing is a more attractive option. In addition to the up-front cost, you are also responsible for the copier’s maintenance and repair fees.

Lease Or Buy From Platinum Copier Solutions

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