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As the world works to keep the coronavirus under control, it’s important to remember what you can do to protect yourself and others from the spread of this disease. Many offices have encouraged or required employees to work from home for the time being. But what about office employees who have to visit the office periodically or can’t work entirely from home?

In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading via your office supplies or machinery, you must keep everything clean and encourage proper hygiene habits. The CDC has issued guidelines to help you correctly disinfect your office equipment to prevent viruses from spreading. While machinery like your Sharp printers may require a little extra care to keep the cleaning solution from damaging any electronics, the CDC’s recommendations are still an excellent guide to follow. Here’s how you can apply their solutions to your office.

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General Office Cleaning

Before you can truly disinfect your office, you have to remove typical dirt and buildup. Wipe down desks, counters, door handles, and any other shared spaces to remove grime. Then go over them a second time with an EPA-registered cleaner proven to be effective against COVID-19. Don’t forget the floors either! Vacuum carpets and rugs and, if possible, scrub both with another EPA-approved cleaner. Sweep hard floors and sanitize them. Don’t overlook any potential space in your office.

Disinfecting Electronic Equipment

Properly disinfecting electronics requires a more careful strategy to prevent moisture damage. Sharp devices, in particular, need special attention. To clean your printer, disconnect the power completely and put on disposable gloves. Spray a soft microfiber cloth with an EPA-approved cleaning solution (or a mixture of 70% alcohol and 30% water) and wipe down the glass surfaces of the printer. Wipe in only one direction on touchscreens, and don’t forget to wipe the cables too. Clean the printer a second time with standard office glass cleaner once you’re finished disinfecting it. Finally, dispose of your gloves and wash your hands immediately to remove any lingering residue.

Pro Tip: Using paper towels or spraying cleaning solution straight onto a printer could cause damage. Stick to a microfiber cloth and only spray the solution onto the cloth before wiping the printer.

Slow the Spread of Disease

The COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of slowing in the immediate future. However, every one of us can do our part, however small, to slow the spread in our own spheres of influence. Keeping your office clean is an excellent start. Protect yourself and your coworkers from becoming sick or unwittingly spreading the virus to someone else.

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