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A modern printer, such as those manufactured by Sharp, offer plenty of benefits over less advanced previous models. In particular, a multifunction printer (MFP) can prove useful to nearly any office or industry. With different document systems and functions to improve workflow efficiency, a multifunction printer is a valuable choice for many professionals.

Sharp’s line of multifunction printers combines the function of several office machines into a single unit, saving space and maintenance on only one machine. Additionally, purchase of a Sharp machine guarantees full support and offers the chance to take advantage of additional helpful services. Many offices will find high efficiency and value in a multifunction printer.

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A multifunction printer combines the work and machinery of these common office units:

  • Printer (color and grayscale)
  • Copier
  • Scanner
  • Fax machine

With a single unit, your office will save space and maintenance time by only having to worry about one machine.

Pro Tip: A Sharp multifunction printer can support printing on glossy paper, labels, bond paper, and more!

Full Manufacturer Support

Once you become the owner of a brand new Sharp printing machine, you gain access to a full range of support and maintenance services. From installing your new machine to performing repairs and preventive maintenance, Sharp makes sure your multifunction printer continues to run and provide your office with the services you need. If you decide to replace your machine in the future, Sharp will work with you to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Leasing Services

If your office can’t afford a brand new Sharp MFP or just wants to try one out temporarily, consider taking advantage of Sharp’s printer leasing system. For a small monthly fee, you’ll enjoy full access to a brand new copier as well as all the support services that come with it. If the machine suits your office’s requirements, move forward with the process to purchase the printer permanently.

Managed Print Services

For a monthly fee in addition to the cost of the multifunction printer, your office can enjoy fully managed print services. With this full range of services, you’ll never have to worry about running out of paper or ink again. Additionally, Sharp’s systems will correct any mistakes (such as unintentionally duplicating a print job) to save you even more time and resources. Take the worst of the burden off your shoulders with printing management!

A Modern Machine for the Modern Office

A Sharp printing machine comes with a variety of vital functions, services, and manufacturer support crucial to any workplace today. A multifunction printer can improve your office’s time efficiency, workflow, expenses, and more.

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