How Analytics Can Help Streamline Your Office | Platinum Copiers - Beaumont

Do you know how much your business spends on printing each month? If not, you’re likely spending too much. Once a standalone machine, printers are now easily integrated into your office network, and as such can give you the same types of analytics as your other devices. This includes ink levels, usage, and waste. As more businesses automate their workflow and move their data to digital formats, it’s important that your printers adapt. Click To Tweet

Workplace Analytics for Efficiency

Too many unknowns in printing can lead to major costs and inefficiencies. Through business IT and analytics, you can uncover valuable insights about your print environment to help you find and implement the right strategies. Here are a few ways analytics can help streamline your office:

What Printer Analytics Tell You

Before you apply any big changes, you need to gather information and data about what you’re printing.  Analytics will tell you:

  • Who uses the most paper
  • Why your employees need to print
  • Which processes require paper and what (if any) alternatives exist
  • What processes require the most paper
  • Which jobs were sent to the printer then never retrieved
  • Whether or not your efforts to reduce print usage are effective

How Managed Print Solutions Helps

Sharp copiers offer a simple and secure download called Axess, which collect real-time data from your devices. Axess is a managed print solution that collects critical information from all the printers, copiers, MFP’s, and fax machines on your network.  This information includes current status, supply levels, page counts, utilization, automated service reminders, and historical trending reports. Ths data can help you take control of your print environment.

Eliminate the Unknowns

More than ever, businesses feel the pressure to reduce paper usage. Using managed print solutions that provide powerful analytics will help you uncover who is printing, where they’re printing and what they’re printing. With these insights, there are virtually no unknowns, and you can better implement strategies to streamline your print processes and, in turn, your entire office.

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