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An interactive whiteboard is an invaluable addition to any office. The large, interactive display allows anyone to prepare and present well-designed business proposals at a moment’s notice to a room full of people. These revolutionary whiteboards offered a way to give interactive presentations, a significant step up from standard office fare.

For an even better taken on the interactive whiteboard, try the Sharp AQUOS Board. This more advanced interactive whiteboard allows multiple people to write on the display simultaneously, creating a more involved experience for both the presenter and the audience. Let’s take a look at how this amazing piece of equipment can benefit your entire office environment.

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Writing on the Board

Sharp manufactures two different types of highly responsive touch pens compatible with the board’s software, both of which give the user the feeling of writing on a whiteboard instead of writing on a computer screen. You can choose between these two models:

  • Basic pen: This pen has no buttons or special features aside from the tip, designed to write on the whiteboard.
  • 3-button pen: This pen comes equipped with three programmable buttons that you can set to control scrolling up or down a page, closing a window on your screen, and more.

Each board can support up to four pens, allowing four different users to write on the screen in four different colors to differentiate their notes.

Pro Tip: The AQUOS Board also supports multi-touch writing. In other words, a user could write with a marker in one hand and write with their index finger on the other hand if they wanted. 

Touch Display Link

For a presentation where the audience is more involved, Sharp’s Touch Display Link software allows the speaker to mirror the screen onto the audience’s mobile devices. Not only can your audience follow along closely, but you can even give them control of or access to the screen in a limited fashion while you’re still presenting. This allows more input from the audience quicker than pausing the presentation to answer questions.

Overlay Mode

If you want to save a particular screen or piece of writing for reference later, the AQUOS Board offers the capability to take a screenshot and save the screen as a “layer”. Later, you can browse through the layers to retrieve what you need. This also allows you to work with multiple documents, websites, or “layers” in your presentation and freely scroll between them as necessary.

A Worthwhile Addition to the Office

The Sharp AQUOS Board gives you a wide range of functionality perfect for multi-user presentations and simple, professional work. For any technology-focused work environment, this advanced interactive whiteboard is the ideal choice.

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