There’s never enough hours in the day or workdays in the week. No matter how long or hard you and your employees work, it seems like there’s always work left to do. The best part about increasing office efficiency is not only getting more done but also improving your bottom line. It’s one of those cases of what you can’t afford not to do.

7 Hacks to Increase Office Efficiency

In the hustle and bustle of daily office life, every moment matters. Discovering small opportunities in your daily tasks to streamline and shave off bits of time makes a huge impact on your overall efficiency. As you know, saving time saves money. Consider training your employees with the following 7 efficiency hacks:

1) Track your time.

You’d be surprised to discover how much time you’re actually spending on all your individual daily tasks. Begin tracking the time you spend on every task and look for ways to appropriate your time more efficiently.

2) Turn off all notifications.

Emails, social media, voicemail, and text notifications all eat away at your productivity and efficiency. Interruptions, even small ones, derail your thought processes and cost you time reorienting yourself on the task with every notification. Keep them off and check them later.

3) Schedule email time.

You may wonder how you’ll keep up with important emails from customers, co-workers, vendors, etc. if you’re turning off email notifications. It’s highly important you stay up to date with your emails. You especially don’t want customer inquiries to go very long without being answered or even acknowledged. The answer is to build into your daily workflow schedule several times to check email throughout the day.

4) Take regular breaks.

Just as the rest of your body needs breaks from physical activity, your mind needs periodic rest breaks to maintain peak concentration levels for the duration of the day. When you neglect this need by working nonstop, your performance suffers a steady decline. Maximize your daily concentration and performance by taking periodic short breaks.

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5) Improve office communication.

Encourage your employees to utilize chat apps, phone calls, and face to face conversations in lieu of email for interoffice communication. Countless hours can be eaten away by email when a resolution could likely be reached much quicker via one of the before mentioned methods.

6) Utilize document management.

Your tools, equipment, and devices can greatly enhance or hinder your office productivity. Arming your office with an updated, optimized fleet of office copiers equipped with a quality document management system is one of the best ways to increase your efficiency. It will make managing your workflow easier, more secure, and more effective. It also promotes more efficient and effective employee collaboration on tasks and projects.

7) Say “no!” to multitasking.

Multitasking is a popular topic and many believe it makes them more efficient. However, spreading your attention across several tasks at once actually slows you down. It’s a far better practice to focus your time and attention on one item at a time.

Save Time, Save Money!

You can never boost your office efficiency enough. Take a little time to periodically examine your processes and tasks for opportunities to save time and work more effectively. It will absolutely be time well-spent every time. Get started with this quick guide.

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