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You can never be too secure with your office network and equipment. Professional hackers use sophisticated methods to invade company networks and steal sensitive data regularly. They will exploit any weakness in your network, so it is important to address every part. Use these 7 tips to make sure your office documents and equipment are secure.

Secure Your Office Document Systems 

Many businesses secure their networks, but copiers, printers, and fax machines are often overlooked. This gives potential hackers the weakness they need to invade your network and potentially steal sensitive data and information. Use this guide to get you started securing your office equipment and documents.

1) Secure the location

Consider the physical location of your office equipment. Make sure you are not giving access to unauthorized users. Hide printers and copiers behind a counter, or in a room, only staff can access. Also, remove any physical ports to cut off direct access.

2) Monitor use

Monitoring your employees’ use of office equipment serves as a deterrent to misuse and inappropriate access to sensitive information. You can also make regular audits to examine and verify user activity and transactions.

3) Authenticate users

User authentication is a technological access control door. It can be as simple as a username and password or PIN. You need to stress to your staff the importance of not sharing their login credentials with anyone, even other employees. You should also activate the auto logoff feature to ensure users don’t inadvertently give unauthorized users access by remaining logged in after use.

4) Protect the hard drive

Hard drives store documents whether faxed, printed, scanned, or copied. Secure the hard drive from unauthorized access either externally or using technology. If a machine needs to leave your place of business for any reason, make sure the hard drive is wiped clean.

5) Secure data in transit

Just like data transmitted over your network, you need end-to-end encryption for data that passes through your printers and copiers. This will ensure the data is not accessed while in transit or while stored on each machine.

6) Use wireless with caution

All forms of wireless printing are great enhancements for wireless users in your office. They can save time and speed up production. However, you also need to make sure they are secure. Malware can infect a printer from an infected mobile device, and unauthorized users could access your network if your wireless printers are not secure.

7) Protect your documents

It is a common and dangerous practice in many offices for users to leave print jobs in copier trays for a while before picking them up. These documents are accessible to anyone who has access to the copy room. Sensitive data could be shared with unauthorized users. Pull or push printing is a secure alternative where users authenticate themselves to retrieve print jobs when they are ready.

Reliable Printer Security Services

Sophisticated professional hackers are constantly searching for weaknesses to exploit in company networks. It is vital that you don’t leave any opening in your network for them to find. This includes your multi-functional printers and–if your office has multiple devices–copiers, printers, and fax machines. Contact Us to learn more about how our Sharp document products and services can keep your system safe from outsiders.